One evening the other night, I had a sudden urge to learn the crochet! I had a little crochet kit I’d picked up in a charity shop, so I dug I out and gave it a go! The hook was plastic and metal, double ended, and very uncomfortable to use. And the yarn they provided was pants! It kept splitting making it so hard to use. I had a ball of sock wool I’d bought a few years ago with the intent of using it for socks, (I hate socks. They take me months to do one, and then I have to start all over again!!!), so I used that with the horrid, cheap hook. It took a while but I ended up making one square roughly 10x10cm.

I used some YouTube tutorials to help me learn. There are tons of videos out there to choose from! I learnt that this is called a classic granny square. I love it! It’s easy to do, relatively theraputic, and looks really good. I really enjoyed making this, so I decided I wanted to make a blanket! It’s basically going to be a giant granny square (The Big Fat Granny Square).

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve used a few Koigu Premium Painters Pallette Merino. The dark red/purple around the edge is the sock wool I’ve had for a few years by madelinetosh. More details about the wools I’ve used so far are on my ravelry (Avdrom3da).

I went to my local (and poorly stocked) haverdashery and bought a new hook. It’s larger than the one I got in the kit, and it’s made of maple. It’s wonderful to use, but my hand does feel a little uncomfortable at times as it’s so thin. I’ve seen some that are made of wood and carved more ergonomically, so I might give one of those a go. They are pricey though. There’s a store I can travel to easily that sells them, so I think I might take a trip there and have a go with one, before spending the money!


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